Best detection rate in PCSL test – 99.97%

PC Security Labs has finished a new bi-monthly test of 19 major antivirus products. The testset contained 3,601 different malicious samples of March and April 2009, representing a typical scenario today:

– 61.7% Trojans
– 22.9% Backdoors
– 14.2% Worms
– 0.7% Rootkits
– 0.5% Viruses

In static testing (found by the disk scanner), a-squared Anti-Malware 4.5 missed 6 samples, which means a detection rate of 99.83%.

PCSL tested the missed 6 samples by starting them to see how much of them can be blocked by the a-squared Anti-Malware Guard. The result:

a-squared Anti-Malware missed only 1 malware sample!!!

That means the best total detection rate of 19 antivirus products!

Total detection rate results in detail: 


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